Saturday, November 15, 2014


That was a year ago
when my little Hadif was admitted at 14 days old

At that time i'm just thinking of
'Can i just switch place with that i'll bear all the pain..i'll go through all the discomfort he feel..'

This  - starting yesterday

I was admitted due to fever caused of egorged breast
on day 11 after delivery

Sel darah putih tinggi - means ada jangkitan kuman
Jantung laju - wc is not good for a postnatal woman


Dicucuk2 sebegitu rupa. Sangat tidak menyelesakan
for us adults
apatah lg for a tiny 14-days old hadif like he had goin tru last year

Umi sanggup dicucuk berkali2 sebegitu
asalkan bukan anak2 umi

Tanyalah ibu mana2 pun
pasti sanggup menjadi galang ganti buat anak2 nya


As for now
i'm hoping 4 a speed recovery

All that teenie meenie little tiny human is waiting 4 me at home

My girl n my triplet

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