Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ulat buku in me

I am born bookworm..
books have been my bestfriends all this while.
Until the first day i became a mom. I barely can read since then.
But the smell of books n papers never fail to amuse me.
I buy books constantly.frequently. a lot maybe. Even if its only end at my bookshelf. But looking at them being arranged neatly is just so therapeutic to me ;)

I don't have specific rules in buying books. Tapi 'novel picisan' is just a no-no

Masa muda2 dulu ye. Tapi sy pilih2 juga penulis nya.

Sekarang sejak2 dah berusia ni. Novel yang sy baca cuma dari 2-3 penulis. Dan subjek nya jika mengenai 'cinta' pun. Mungkin dari sudut pandang yg lain. Masa berangan saya sudah berlalu. Kata dah berusia kan :)

Selebihnya genre2 lain lah.. Motivasi. Tarbiah. Parenting. Travelog.


there's one novel author that i just can't resist.


n I actually have my virtual friend created by her..

She's REBECCA BLOOMWOOD from Shopaholic series..:)

After our journey together in 6 series

I long to hear from her anymore...

Until 'she' arrived at my office this morning..

Ohh..Becky.. where have u been..?? :)

I started to become dramatic just like her.. hihi

It is newly released
N i got 20% discount from MPHonline
Plus i got suprised by that purple canvas bag


I loike freegifts


I just can't wait to meet Becky again
but i need to give my 'baby' a wrap 1st tomorrow


Sweet Dream all

(Bcoz now is 2 am already.. 
i am a 38w pregnant lady with insomnia, remember?)

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